About the Arts Infopoint UK initiative

Arts Infopoint UK is a pilot initiative to support the arts sector with information on practical issues relating to artist mobility.

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What areas are we looking at?

The Arts Infopoint UK project will look at ways to provide support for artists visiting Wales and the UK who need information in areas such as:

Who are we looking to support?

Through this website, we aim to provide a useful resource for:

What will we do?

As well as providing information, we want to find out what the biggest challenges are that the international artists and inviting companies face. We’ll do this through research and gathering feedback. We’ll also use this information to put forward the position of the sector and advocate on its behalf where we can.

Who are the partners?

The initiative is being led by Wales Arts International supported by the Welsh Government and with the support of our partners Creative Scotland and Arts Council England. This initial pilot runs January to December 2021.
We are working alongside Tamizdat (New York); Cardiff Law School (Cardiff University); Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit and other stakeholders across Wales and the UK. We also work alongside other companies that specialise in this area such as On the Move network and other global Mobility Information Points (MIPS). We work closely with our international contacts to be able to share information, resources and best practice between our countries. They also offer a whole host of information on the practicalities of working in their countries, which we will signpost here to enable UK artists to access information and support on touring internationally.

Resouces - Recent Events

Focus on: incoming mobility routes with Arts Infopoint UK and Latitude Law

The full website will be launched soon.

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